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Home Remedies for Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza

Home Remedies for Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza

What is Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza?

Swine flu H1N1 influenza raises similar symptoms like that of regular flu but of more serious nature. It has got its name because people who first caught this infection were doing something with pigs. These day’s people who have nothing to do with swine also catch this infection because the virus is in the environment.

The virus of Swine flu H1N1 Influenza is not active throughout the year in tropical countries. It becomes dormant during summers when the heat is excessive but becomes active with the onset of winters.

Home remedies for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza provide protection and also the treatment for the infection.

In developing countries home remedies for Swine flu, H1N1 Influenza is more commonly in use than vaccines and allopathic medicines.

Children and people with lowered immunity are at high risk of catching this infection.

At the onset infection of the H1N1 virus was very scary and it spread like a pandemic. These days it may not sound so scary because of medicines and awareness amongst people about its symptoms and gravity.

H1N1 virus spreads through nasal and oral fluids of an infected person. This virus can survive over metal and commonly used things for a substantial period and infect a healthy person.

Proper care and home remedies for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza help in faster recovery and also protect from infection considerably.

The infection is established by a swab test and not by symptoms alone as symptoms resemble those of regular flu.

Young children below 5 years and older people above 65 years of age are most common to develop life-threatening conditions due to Swine flu H1N1 Influenza.

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Causes and Symptoms of Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza

Swine flu H1N1 Influenza is caused by the influenza virus which affects pigs and causes abnormal behavior in them. It mutates itself to make transmissible into the human system as well.

The incubation period for this virus is 1-4 days and it can be transmitted through infected pigs and humans both. Oral and nasal fluids released while coughing and sneezing can spread the infection.

The virus also spreads by touching contaminated surfaces first and later touching mouth or nose with a hand.

Any infected human becomes contagious one day after infection and can infect others after seven days of falling ill. The infection lasts for about seven days but cough and feeling of malaise may continue for weeks.

The severe cases of swine flu need hospitalization as the respiratory tract may get congested and breathing problems may aggravate. The symptoms of this infection may be severe in cases of people suffering from diabetes and asthma.

Symptoms of swine flu resemble that of flu or influenza. Fever which may rise above 100 degrees, cough, runny nose, fatigue with headache are common symptoms of swine flu in major percentage of patients.

In many cases, sore throat, muscle aches, body aches, rashes, chills, diarrhea, and vomiting are also reported as symptoms of the infection.

Some patients develop serious respiratory disorder which and pneumonia as a secondary bacterial infection which worsens the condition of the patient.

If the viral infection persists patients may also suffer from seizures. Natural treatment for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza at right time can stop the progression of infection and prevent the need for hospitalization.

Home Remedies for Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza

Holy Basil – Natural Remedy Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza

Holy basil leaves are wonderful home remedies for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza. These are powerfully antiviral and antibacterial and protect from infections.

During the season or outbreak of the virus consume five leaves of Holy basil as first thing in the morning. Wash the leaves first before use.

Do not eat or drink anything for at least half an hour before and after consuming leaves.

Let the digestive system metabolize and absorb the goodness of Holy basil so that you stay on top of immunity all day long to prevent the infection, even if mild symptoms of infection are present Holy basil leaves help in exterminating these quickly.

Giloy and Holy Basil – Natural Treatment for Swine Flu

Giloy and Holy Basil Natural Treatment for Swine Flu

A decoction of Giloy leaves and other ingredients can be made which is a powerful natural treatment for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza described in Ayurveda.

Take a foot-long branch of Giloy and turn it into small pieces along with leaves, add 10-12 leaves of Holy basil and mix both of these with a sufficient amount of water.

Keep the mixture to boil for 10-15 minutes or more. Later put off the flame and add some rock salt to the mixture and black pepper.

Leave the mixture till it becomes warm and strain, consume this decoction every day to counter viral activities and flush the infection out of the system.

Giloy is one of the powerful agents to fight back swine flu and provide reliable home remedies for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza.

Camphor – Remedy for Swine Flu

Camphor provides protection as well as preventive home remedies for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza. The simplest way to prevent swine flu during an outbreak is tying a piece of camphor over neck wrapped in a thin cloth.

Camphor evaporates in air and creates an aura of its vapors. When tied close to nose and mouth this aura prevents the virus from entering through the oral and nasal passage and provides protection.

You can also consume a piece of camphor about the size of a tablet once in a month to gain natural immunity against the virus. Do not consume regularly or weekly, just once in a month.

Garlic and Turmeric – Home Remedy for Swine Flu

Garlic and Turmeric Home Remedy for Swine Flu

Garlic and turmeric are also an effective natural treatment for Swine flu H1N1 Influenza. Take one or two cloves of garlic as first thing in the morning. Swallow these down with lukewarm water after chewing them well.

This will boost-up immunity and helps in eliminating the infection. Garlic also provides protection from infection by maintaining the body’s antiviral properties strong.

Consume a glass of warm milk after adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder at night. Turmeric is also an immunity enhancer and anti-inflammatory which provides protection from viral infections.

Aloe Vera Gel – Natural Remedy for Swine Flu

Aloe Vera gel is a liver cleanser and an immunity enhancer. Consume one teaspoon of the gel every day. In the case of infection it relieves joint pain and other kinds of body aches, muscle soreness, etc. and also keeps blood purified.

Its immunity-boosting properties help in preventing infection and keep a person protected. It is one of the simple swine flu home remedies which has many other health benefits too.

Diet for Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza Patients

During swine flu infection after the fever has subsided patient shall be given an all-fruit diet for a couple of days.

The fruits that shall be included in the diet are apples, pineapple, grapes, oranges, pears, and melon, avoid eating bananas and also tinned or preserved fruits.

Vegetables also become important foods for the patient of swine flu after a couple of days. Include veggies like cabbage, broccoli, green peas, lettuce, Swiss chard and lemon in the diet of swine flu patient. Lemon juice shall be given twice a day to cleanse the internal system.

Condiments, pickles, tea, and coffee shall be avoided to keep eating patterns healthy. Nuts and seeds are another important part of a swine flu patient’s diet.

One must include pumpkin, flaxseeds and pomegranate seeds in the diet to fight back infection, to get enough dose of protein include almonds, walnuts, and cashew in the diet.

Avoid high starch foods like rice and potato and drink a few cups of green tea during the day to get antioxidants.

If you are not suffering from infection there are foods which you must eat to avoid infection, 3 servings per week of meat, eggs, fish, chicken, soy, nuts, beans and seeds shall be maintained to get enough protein which works as a barrier for influenza virus.

Eat regularly all types of citrus fruits and use lemon generously with meals. Pepper, spinach, berries, and peas shall also be part of the diet on a regular basis to gain immunity against the virus.

Form the core of diet with wholegrain to get fiber and other essential nutrients. Cloves, raw garlic and herbal teas are also excellent foods to prevent infection as these maintain immunity higher.

Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza Treatment and Prevention

The best method for prevention of Swine flu is through vaccination. Two types of vaccines are available for the H1Ni virus.

A nasal spray is fit to be used by people from 2-49 years of age and vaccination through infections can be given to children 6 months old and elderly people including pregnant women.

These vaccines are safe and effective but have side effects like any other vaccination given for regular flu.

Swine flu shot may cause soreness in muscles and minor swelling redness and irritation overshot site. Low-grade fever and nausea, which do not last more than 24 hours, are also side-effects of vaccination.

If one uses the nasal spray for prevention of swine flu side effects like a low-grade fever, runny nose, wheezing cough, headaches, and nausea may appear temporarily. Vaccinations are highly effective in preventing infection from spreading.

Precautions are the best prevention of swine flu. Avoid touching your nose and mouth with unclean hands. Wear a mask in public to avoid inhaling droplets of oral and nasal fluids.

Keep hand sanitizer with you and keep hands clean always. Avoid eating before cleaning hands and do not share towels and other personal things with anyone, if any member of the family is infected get vaccination for others to protect them. Use gloves while touching the personal things of the patient.

Perform pranayama and other exercises which increase oxygen supply to the blood and keep blood flow higher. Healthy living is the best way to prevent diseases and an active lifestyle is part of healthy living.

Eat a diet that improves immunity and is easily digestible for the prevention of swine flu. Try to avoid going to crowded places or hospitals, clinics, etc. to minimize exposure to virus.

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