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Osteoarthritis of the spine raises a variety of symptoms. The spine runs a long way in the back and it has a different set of symptoms depending upon the location of the problem.

Osteoarthritis is degenerative arthritis. In other joints, it occurs due to the degeneration of cartilages triggered by poor muscle, ligaments and bone health.

There are many causes of the degeneration of joint organs along with aging. All the other causes of OA can settle this disorder earlier in age.

OA of the spine if occurs in the upper part is referred to as cervical spondylosis which restricts the movement of the neck. It raises other symptoms like pain radiating into the shoulder and can cause severe headaches etc.

If the lower part of the spine gets affected it causes spinal stenosis or herniated discs which can cause sciatica and dull or excruciating pain during movement.

The pain can be felt while moving low back or legs depending upon affected organs. Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the spine handles OA in the upper and lower back equally efficiently.

The mid-region of the spine generally does not show symptoms of OA. But if it does it produces severe symptoms like stooping posture.

Weakness in mid-section is usually due to disorders right from birth, accidents or severely strenuous activities causing injuries. Other reasons like nervous system disorders and issues related to internal organs are more common causes than OA.

Herbal remedies for spine osteoarthritis handle problems occurring in any region of the spine. Any factor which speeds-up wear and tear or reduces endurance of spinal joints is a cause of OA.

Ageing, strenuous activities and weakness in bones, muscles, and ligaments due to any reason bring OA even at a young age.

Medical conditions that deteriorate health, other forms of arthritis like RA, Gout, Lupus, Infectious, etc. also cause OA by damaging discs of the spine. Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the spine handles all the causes efficiently.

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the Spine

Injuries, fractures, trauma, etc. cause joint misalignment and damaged discs to initiate OA. Herbal remedies for spine osteoarthritis not only relieve pain and inflammation these remove stiffness and improve joint functions.

These bring back joints in much better health and promote smooth movement. Use of herbal remedies for spine osteoarthritis repair damaged discs and strengthens ligaments, muscles and maintains healthy vertebras.

The spine is a series of vertebras which are bony structures separated by discs. These discs work as a cushion and prevent vertebras from crashing into each other.

The spinal cord runs along with the spine and passes out nerves in between. The vertebras are kept at the right place by strong ligaments and muscles attached to these.

Disc degeneration is osteoarthritis of the spine which of constricts nerve or spinal cord between closing vertebras causes even more severe symptoms.

Orthoxil Plus capsules are recommended as the most effective Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the spine.

Orthoxil capsules come with herbs like Ashwagandha, Guggul, and Asthisanghar. These herbs have multiple benefits that treat and reverse OA.

Ashwagandha speeds-up metabolism improves nutritional supply and uptake and generates muscles, ligaments and bone tissues faster. It is anti-inflammatory and expels harmful hormones from blood.

Guggul is an anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-toxin herb which protects and regenerates damaged organs of the joints.

Asthisanghar rebuilds bones and prevents shedding and weakness in vertebras. It also eliminates bone spurs which aggravate symptoms of OA.

These pills also come with pain-relieving herbs which allow movement. These are effective against all sorts of symptoms of OA occurring in the upper, mid or lower spine.

Regular use of these pills generates discs and brings spinal joints in the much-improved state of health for long-lasting relief. These cleanse the blood and delay tissue aging by supplementing powerful antioxidants.

Herbal Remedies for Spine Osteoarthritis

Use of Orthoxil Plus oil is recommended along with pills for faster and better Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the spine.

The oil comes with fast-acting herbal ingredients which relieve pain and inflammation faster. This oil increases the flow of blood and maintains it healthy all day long.

A healthy flow of blood supplies nutrition and helps in maintaining the strength of joint organs. It keeps the spine straight and suppresses wear and tear and also speeds-up the healing and recovery process.

Use of this oil works for relieving shooting pain caused by sciatica or other nerves constricted due to disc degeneration. It is excellent for elderly individuals who suffer from the exhaustion of joints frequently.

People leading strenuous lifestyle can prevent injuries and damages caused to the spine and stay fit and agile.

Use of these herbal remedies for spine osteoarthritis covers all the causes of OA and brings the spine in much better health.

These are safe and completely harmless supplements. No medical prescription is needed before use. Herbal remedies for osteoarthritis of the spine are suitable for men and women of any age and for prolonged use.

One should follow the treatment for the required duration to gain maximum benefits. It is recommended that these shall be used on a regular basis for at least 3 to 4 months for complete results.

These can be used even in the presence of any on-going treatment and as preventive remedies.

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