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Hip pain is quite a common problem that has a wide variety of reasons. The exact location of the pain can be of much help in identifying possible causes.

The pain in the hip is felt towards inside of the hip or groin or upper thigh, outside hip and outer buttock.

The causes of hip pain can be divided into three categories broadly. RA, OA, Juvenile RA, Septic, and Psoriatic arthritis are medical conditions of hip pain.

Bursitis, tendonitis, fractures, labral tear, and dislocation are other reasons for pain and severe discomfort in posterior. Sacroiliitis and sciatica are the other two conditions caused due to pinched nerves.

Osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, bone cancer, leukemia, etc. are other conditions that can cause pain in any joint of the body including the hip.

Ayurvedic treatment for hip pain and stiffness is versatile in its effects and handles all the possible causes. This provides relief from pain and promotes movement and removes stiffness of the joint.

Some causes of hip pain like arthritis are serious in nature. These can cause dull or excruciating pain depending upon the type of arthritis but all are progressive in nature.

The development of arthritis in the hip region can affect the pelvic region and cause restricted movement. It can also bring a lack of control over legs and affect standing and walking.

Herbal remedies for achy and stiff hips not only relieve symptoms but address the root causes of the problem. These even alleviate serious causes like arthritis and sciatica to provide long-lasting relief.

Women are more susceptible to suffer from stiffness and pain in hips than men due to anatomy. Ayurvedic treatment for hip pain and stiffness work for men and women equally well and provide relief.

Orthoxil Plus capsules are regarded as the best herbal remedies for achy and stiff hips. These pills are by virtue of their herbal ingredients relieve pain and promote movement.

These also repair damages caused by a variety of reasons and strengthen joints.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hip Pain

The herbal ingredients of Orthoxil Plus capsules are Ashwagandha, Nirgundi, Akarkara, Harad, Asthisanghar, Arand, Nag Kesar, and Guggul.

These are renowned herbal remedies for achy and stiff hips and other joints of the body as well. Body needs to keep organs like muscles, ligaments, and cartilages strong and healthy to keep all the joints mobile and pain-free.

Healthy bones are also necessary for a strong and agile body. These herbs collectively provide these benefits and enhance the entire musculoskeletal system.

These are even beneficial for improving blood flow and nutritional reserves of the body for stronger bones, muscles, and ligaments.

Hormonal balance is vital for keeping the metabolic rate higher. It is also essential for digestion and absorption of nutrition and keeping bodily systems upbeat.

Ashwagandha is a prolific herb that maintains a healthy level of health-promoting hormones in the body and eliminates harmful hormones from blood.

This herb is nutritive and supplements bioactive nutrition which maintains energy production higher. Ashwagandha is part of many Ayurvedic remedies due to its varied benefits.

Along with Ashwagandha, Orthoxil Plus capsules come with other herbs as well. These herbs eliminate toxins from the system and control conditions like rheumatism.

These are effective in preventing gout and repair damages caused to cartilages to delay OA. Guggul, Arand, and Akarkara are herbs present in these pills which work as prolific herbal remedies for achy and stiff hips by reducing toxicity and controlling rheumatism and gouty conditions.

Other herbs included in the ingredients list provide pain relief, diffuse inflammation and relieve stiffness. By cleansing blood, supplementing nutrition and speeding-up metabolism these herbs generate tissues at a faster pace.

Faster tissue generation repair damaged cartilages to make joint movement smooth. It also provides denser bones and strong and enduring ligaments and muscles.

These pills relax nerves and regenerate discs, relieve inflammation in tendons and bursas and heal injuries faster.

Herbal Remedies for Achy and Stiff Hips

For faster and better Ayurvedic treatment for hip pain and stiffness use Orthoxil Plus oil along with pills. This oil seeps through the skin and provides faster relief from pain and stiffness.

Regular use of this oil maintains the flow of blood and speeds-up the healing process. This possesses anti-inflammatory ingredients that diffuse inflammation and relieve conditions causing pain and stiffness.

The herbal oil is used in this supplement numb pain signal carrying nerves to provide relief from dull or excruciating pain. It also suppresses severe pains caused by RA, OA or sciatica.

The use of this oil enhances the effects of pills and provides faster Ayurvedic treatment for hip pain and stiffness. These supplements shall be used for 3-4 months regularly in combination.

Following treatment for sufficient duration ensures long-lasting relief. These are completely safe and free of side effects.

These are preventive remedies as well. One can use them to prevent the problem from occurring and stay active and agile. Oil is safe even for sensitive skin and provides safe results in a short time.

One gains a healthy musculoskeletal system and controls the progression of disorders like arthritis by using these supplements.

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