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Calcium is the most abundantly available nutrient or mineral in the body. It constitutes nearly 2% of the entire body weight which reflects the amount of calcium human body has.

Even more important is that 99% of the total available calcium is utilized to keep bones and teeth healthy. Remaining 1% is used for maintaining muscular functions, absorption of other minerals and passing electric charge for cellular communication.

It is not difficult to understand what scarcity of calcium can do to health and the body’s skeleton. Calcium scarcity primarily and commonly occurs due to low calcium intake, healthy and adult men and women need 1000 mg to 1200 mg calcium intake per day.

Calcium is not used by the body as it is obtained through foods. It is turned into a bioactive form for absorption. Poor calcium metabolism is another common cause of low calcium in the body.

The scarcity of this mineral can be severe over bones and joints and make them irreversibly weak and fragile. Herbal calcium supplements utilize Ayurvedic calcium formula to remove the deficiency of this mineral from the body.

The signs of calcium deficiency do not show up instantly. These come after long-term deficiencies. Side effects of hypocalcemia show over bones and joints after long term scarcity of this mineral.

Ayurvedic supplements for healthy bones and joints help on recovering from the condition quickly at any stage. Initial symptoms of hypocalcemia are confusion, memory weaknesses, muscle cramps, tingling in limbs, weak nails, and muscle spasms.

If hypocalcemia is not handled it makes bones thin, rigid, brittle and joints unstable. Increasing the intake of calcium-rich foods can control the problem at the initial stage.

But in the presence of thyroid problems low vitamin D levels, excessive potassium, iron and certain types of medication can prevent calcium absorption in the body.

Ayurvedic calcium formula provides a dosage of this vital mineral in the most absorbable form. Herbal calcium supplements based on Ayurvedic calcium formula are most effective in alleviating the problem.

Natural Ayurvedic Calcium Formula

Calcivon supplements are the most effective herbal calcium supplements for hypocalcemia. These are also recommended as Ayurvedic supplements for healthy bones and joints.

These tablets possess herbs which supplement calcium in bioavailable form. People suffering from poor calcium metabolism also gain riddance from deficiency of this mineral and gain relief.

These tablets promote smooth absorption and complete utilization of the mineral for improved bone health. Within a short duration of use, a person gains complete relief from muscular cramps, memory weaknesses, and better mental status.

On regular use, a person suffering from bone and joint weaknesses gain a stronger physique and skeleton. Calcivon tablets come with herbs like Mukta Shukti bhasma, Aspartame, Godanti Hadtal bhasma, and Khatika.

These herbs along with minerals supplement digestive enzymes and vitamins for smooth absorption of calcium. These tablets due to a perfect blend of herbs are the best Ayurvedic supplements for healthy bones and joints.

Excessive calcium intake or presence in the body can be hazardous. It promotes the formation of stones and causes constipation. It can also affect the absorption of vital minerals like iron in the body.

Many believe that excessive calcium presence affects brain functions as well. Ayurvedic calcium formula supplements this mineral in the right dosage. It does not cause over-supplementation and protect health from side effects.

Herbal calcium supplements are completely safe for men and women of all ages and work even in the presence of medical conditions. Calcivon tablets promote the generation of bone tissues at a faster pace.

These supplement bones with fresh and healthy tissues and improves their density. These also improve the flexibility of bones and prevent them from shedding.

The use of these supplements suppresses the side effects of hypocalcemia like calcium re-absorption in the body. Optimum calcium availability improves muscular endurance and provides better joint performance and stability.

Herbal Supplements for Bones And Joints

Mukta Shukti bhasma is a natural supplement of calcium. It supplements this mineral in the most absorbable form and removes its deficiency. This is also remedied for gastritis and improves metabolism.

People suffering from splenomegaly and urinary calculi gain relief by using this herb. Khatika is a natural cure for calcium deficiency and poor absorption.

It easily compensates a sufficient amount of this mineral and grows bones and strengthens joints. It is a metabolism enhancer too and improves calcium supplementation through food sources.

Aspartame is used in these tablets for keeping energy levels higher without supplementing sugar or carbs, this is the best alternative for sugar and contain a high amount of sucrose in place of glucose.

Collective effects of all these herbs provide effective treatment for hypocalcemia.

Calcivon tablets shall be used for at least 3 to 4 months to gain holistic Ayurvedic treatment for bones and joints. Calcium deficiency can cause serious harm to bones and joints which get reversed in some time.

The sufficient duration of treatment ensures the complete reversal of the problem and strong physique and musculoskeletal system.

These supplements cause no side effects like constipation or gastric troubles which are normal with other calcium supplements.

These are suitable for men and women both and of any age. These can be used with any on-going treatment without worries of any side effects.

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Mukta Shukti Bhasam (Oyster Shell), Godanti Hartal Bhasam (Arsenil Trisulphidum), Aspartame, Khatika, Base and Permitted Preservatives, Color and Flavor

6 reviews for Ayurvedic Calcium Formula Supplements

  1. Neha Kunvar

    Calcivon tablets helped my sister to continue her games practice even after injury. It is a useful herbal product to strengthen bones naturally.

  2. Chetan Prajapat

    My grandfather was suffering from arthritis due to weak joints and bones; he was not able to walk more than an hour. His friend suggested him to use Calcivon tablets and Rumacure. With regular intake of these pills for 4 months, problem of my grandfather is reduced so much and now he can walk and climb-up stairs easily.

  3. Karan Singh

    I had an injury last year and as a result of it my joints and bones became weak, someone suggested me to use Calcivon tablets and it was so helpful. This is the best herbal product to repair bone damages naturally. I am very happy with its result and will continue it for more benefits.

  4. Ranjeet Chundawat

    I am a weight lifter and have to lift heavy weight for practice but last year there was an accident which affected my joints. I have to start back my career but with weak joints it was not possible for me. My coach suggested me to use Calcivon tablets. It has been 8 months I am taking this supplement and it is truly effective. Thanks!

  5. Amit Roy

    I purchased it for my son. Now I feel difference in his body after consumption of 3 packs. This supplement is excellent especially for those who suffer from calcium deficiency.

  6. Anita Kukkad

    Delivery was fast, and I am 100% satisfied with this product, it met my expectations. Anyone who is suffering from calcium deficiency, I would like to recommend this product for good result.

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