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Home Remedies For Hepatitis A, Diet, Treatment And Prevention

Home Remedies For Hepatitis A

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a type of virus and infection which causes inflammation of liver and liver disease. This is quite common in developing countries compared to developed countries. The reasons are better health and medical services, and sanitation and hygiene.

Hepatitis A is caused by the Hepatitis virus so it is contagious and spread easily from one person to another.

The symptoms of this disease can be severe as it affects the functions of the liver and damages cells and tissue of the organ. The liver is a vital part of the body without which life cannot be expected.

Hence hepatitis A infection can be life-threatening if allowed to stay and grow. Home remedies for hepatitis A are effective and safe ways to eradicate infection and protect the liver from its damaging effects. These are simple and easy to use and safe for people of all age even children.

Hepatitis A slows down liver functions and makes it swollen. The liver cleanses the blood from harmful chemicals and toxins, and it is vital for metabolism.

It also stores energy and vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Inflammation of the liver caused by hepatitis A infection affects entire health by slowing down liver functions.

There are vaccines available in the form of three shots for protection against viral infection. The shots are given spread over a period of three months and all three shots are necessary for complete protection.

However, hepatitis A vaccine does not provide protection against other viruses like hepatitis B or C. The symptoms of hepatitis A can occur any time between 2 weeks to 7 weeks after getting infected and may last for 1-3 weeks.

Children below the age of 6 months do not show any signs of infection. A child does not get an infection through breastfeeding.

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Causes and Symptoms of Hepatitis A

The intrusion of hepatitis A virus in the system is the cause of hepatitis A infection. This infection can affect anyone but there are people who are at higher risk of getting this.

People who travel a lot and eat and sleep at unfamiliar places are at high risk of catching viral infections. The virus is transferred after coming in contact with the stool of the infected person.

Food cooked by an infected person who did not wash his hands after using the toilet can spread the infection.

People in jobs like childcare were coming in contact with stools is normal are also at high risk of catching an infection. Living with an infected person maximizes chances of catching an infection if proper care is not taken.

The use of illegal drugs, whether injectable or non-injectable, also increases the chances of infection. Home remedies for hepatitis A cannot provide protection from catching an infection but can handle it efficiently.

People often catch an infection by drinking untreated water. This water may contain the contamination of stools which allows the virus to enter into the system.

Unprotected sex with an infected person and transferring infected fluid or material through hands to mouth is also a common cause of infection.

However, one does not get infected through sneezing and coughing. Sitting next to infected person or hugging an infected person also does not transfer the infection.

Young babies do not catch an infection through breastfeeding. Usually, people with the sound immune system can expel infection in a few weeks but with home remedies for hepatitis

A one can recover in a shorter span of time. These remedies also protect the liver from damage and bring it back to optimum health.

Symptoms of hepatitis A are clear and easy to diagnose. Fever, light-colored stools, yellowish color of eyes and dark yellow urine are stark symptoms of the infection.

Upset stomach, loss of appetite, regular tiredness and sore muscles without physical activity are other symptoms of the problem. Abdominal pain and diarrhea are also symptoms of hepatitis A infection along with other ones.

Home Remedies for Hepatitis A

Garlic – Natural Treatment for Hepatitis A

Garlic is a blood cleanser and improves immunity. Using garlic in daily diet is an effective natural treatment for hepatitis A infection.

The liver has the capability to flush the infection out and regenerate its damaged tissues and cells.

If a load of toxins is reduced in blood liver gets a chance to recover from infection and inflammation quickly. Chew 1-2 garlic cloves in the morning and swallow these down with lukewarm water. This will help in recovering fast from infection.

Ginger and Coconut Water – Home Remedy to Handle Hepatitis A Infection

Home Remedy to Handle Hepatitis A Infection

Take a sufficient amount of ginger and crush it to extract its juice about one teaspoon in quantity. Add this juice to a glass of coconut water and drink twice daily.

Coconut water comes packed with minerals that improve liver health and ginger cleanses the blood. Ginger also improves metabolism and promotes the release of enzymes.

Another way of handling hepatitis A infection is by using barley seeds. Take one cup of crushed barley seeds and boil with 2 or 3 glasses of water for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool down and strain. Drink remaining water during the day.

Carom and Cumin Seeds – Home Remedy for Hepatitis A

Take one teaspoon each of the carom and cumin seeds. Dry roast these separately and ground to form a powder. Mix powder of carom and cumin seeds and add a pinch of rock salt to the mixture.

Consume the mixture with water twice in a day regularly till you see off the infection and symptoms. This is one of the trusted home remedies for hepatitis A.

Licorice Powder and Honey – Remedy to Cure Hepatitis A

Mix one tablespoon of licorice powder with 2 tablespoons of honey and eat. Repeat this regularly once in a day till you see off the symptoms. This too is one of the useful home remedies for hepatitis A infection.

Licorice has magnificent properties to boost-up immune system functions and helps in eliminating the viral infection.

Milk Thistle – Natural Treatment for Hepatitis A Infection

Natural Treatment for Hepatitis A Infection

Milk thistle is recommended widely as a natural treatment for hepatitis A infection. This herb also enjoys a prolific immune system enhancing properties and healing properties.

This herb not only flushes infection out but also diffuses inflammation in the liver and improves its functions.

The compound silymarin found in milk thistle prevents toxins from entering into liver cells and protects the organ from damages caused by infection. It regenerates liver cells and repair damages caused by the problem.

Olive Leaf – Remedy for Hepatitis A Infection

Take one olive leaf and make a paste. Consume this paste on an empty stomach daily till the infection is gone. If getting fresh olive leaf is difficult to add 5-6 drops of olive leaf extract to a cup of warm milk and drink regularly.

Beetroot and lemon juice also works well for clearing infection and improving the generation of liver cells. Add the juice of a half lemon to a cup of beetroot juice and drink twice daily.

Reishi Mushroom – Natural Treatment to Relieve Symptoms

Reishi mushroom is another trusted natural treatment for hepatitis A infection. In cases where there is no severe impairment of liver this herb clears infection and relieves symptoms of the problem.

It is an immunity-enhancing herb and flushes viral infection out in a short time to provide relief. This too is one of the trusted home remedies for hepatitis A since old times.

Black Seed Oil – Home Remedy to Cure Hepatitis A

Black Seed Oil Home Remedy to Cure Hepatitis A

Black seed oil is popular remedy since ancient times for improving immunity and promoting general well-being. The properties of this oil remove blockages and instigate normalization to enhance health.

It is a powerful immunity enhancer and clears viral infection in a short time. Its healing properties have legendary status and this herb is backed by thousands of years old folklore for its efficacy. The use of black seed oil is a highly beneficial natural treatment for hepatitis A.

Diet for Hepatitis A Patients

The diet for hepatitis A patient shall contain wholegrain is sufficient quantity. Foods like brown rice, whole oats, whole wheat, whole rye, gram flour, wholegrain corn, wild rice, bulgur and oatmeal are good for keeping nutritional supply higher and digestion upbeat.

Include fruits and veggies in the diet in higher quantity. Fruits and veggies are good sources of potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotene.

These are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories and supplement powerful antioxidants that remove blockages.

Meat, fish, dried beans, soy, nuts and eggs are good sources of vitamin B and shall be included in the diet for hepatitis A patient.

Dairy products are hard to digest and normally avoided in diet for hepatitis A patient but fat-free versions of curd, cheese and buttermilk can be included to get a dose of minerals and vitamin D.

Include lean protein in the diet as well to support muscles. Keep quantity limited to 2 servings per week. Limit intake of foods high in sodium or naturally salty in taste.

Fatty, spicy and greasy foods shall also be avoided by patient of hepatitis A. completely stop alcohol intake and control caffeinated drinks as well. Avoid fruit juices consume raw fruits instead.

Hepatitis A Treatment and Prevention

Taking care of cleanliness works as the best prevention of hepatitis A. Stay away from unprotected sex with strangers and wash hands frequently and particularly before eating anything.

Avoid touching mouth with hands if not clean. Anything from an infected person if reaches mouth directly can infect a healthy person easily. Avoid eating at unfamiliar places where quality of food is doubtful.

If food is cooked by an infected person who may not have washed hands after using toilet can infect others. Use hand-sanitizers regularly and use them frequently while travelling.

Do not use illegal drugs of any type and avoid regular or excessive alcohol consumption. Vaccination provides effective prevention of hepatitis A.

The vaccination is done through three shots over a period of time. All three shots shall be taken at proper dates without delays for complete protection; one or two shots cannot provide complete protection. Avoid tap water and choose bottled water instead.

If bottled water is not available drink tap water after boiling it for 5 minutes at least. Take extra precaution if suffering with chronic liver disease. All these steps are good for prevention of hepatitis A and keep health protected from the debilitating problem.

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