Reward Points

Rewards Points Program

Who knew that shopping with us would be more fun and fascinating! We offer you reward points of certain measure by registering with us, purchasing, writing reviews, sharing our website to a number of social networking websites, and referring to your friend.

Moreover, if your friend does the signup and makes his first purchase, you will still add more reward points. Every reward will add you to a discount on your next purchase. Surprised! We will discuss everything with you in detail below.

Product Purchase

If you register your account and buy anything for the first time on our website you will get a reward of 100 points. If you further buy any product(s) worth Rs.2000 you will obtain reward of 200 points. The rewards are calculated as 10% of the total purchase you make at a moment.

For example, if you register your account and buy for the first time you will receive the reward of 100 points. After that, if you buy anything that costs you Rs.2000 the reward of 200 will be added.

Therefore, on a total of 100 points for the registration and first purchase plus 200 points for the next further purchase, that sums-up to 300 points. This is redeemed as Rs.150 that will be deducted as a discount from the total cost of any product you buy if you do in the future.

100 reward points = Rs.50 redeem value to spend in-store

This rule is limitless and so you are free to avail of more and more benefits on your every purchase and earn as many discounts as you wish.

Please note that just registration will not add any rewards to you. You will have to buy something to get the benefits.

Product Review

If you write a review about our products and it gets approval from our moderators you will earn 40 reward points that in turn add Rs.20 as a redeeming value.

Make sure that you will write only one review per product. For instance, if you buy 2 products and want to write reviews for both you can write 1 review per product and so 2 reviews in total will be permitted to write.

At this point, you will earn 80 (40+40) reward points and Rs.40 redeem value as a discount on your next purchase.

Social Share

In this case, you will gain rewards of 40 in measure for each sharing you do in various social networking websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Google+

We do not allow social sharing from multiple accounts. This means that if you have more than 1 account on any social networking website then, in that case, you can share our product(s) by using just one account, whichever you prefer.

You are not allowed to share anything with other accounts at any moment once you start sharing our products by using your one account.

Refer a Friend

We have ‘Send to a Friend’ option at every product detail which you are interested to buy which is clickable and that takes you to go for the further procedure of referring our product(s) to one or more friends of yours.

This process is easy as it asks you to fill up a small online form for that. If your friend shows interest and creates his account on our website and purchases anything you will get 40 reward points.

This will be redeemed as Rs.20 in your kitty as a discount for your next purchase.

Your friend will too get the benefits of registering, buying, sharing, reviewing, etc. in the same manner as you do in which he gets 10% reward points of the total cost he buys, and so on.

He too is allowed to refer his friend and he will be receiving the rewards just as you.

Note: You are free to send a referral link to as many friends as you wish and in return get more and more reward points (only if they register and make purchases).

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