Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Dear patron,

We have launched an utterly exhilarating offer for you that will leave you speechless. This deal asks you to refer a friend for purchasing our products and earn points in the form of rewards. Share your Referral Link to any one or more friends and you will obtain 40 referral reward points for each friend if one friend of yours signs up and buys any product(s).

For example, if you refer a friend and he registers (signup) his account on our website and makes a first purchase you will get 40 reward points. This will be redeemed as ?20, which means that if you buy anything in future you will get a discount of ?20. Please note that you will get rewards only if your friend signs up and makes first purchase.

If two friends of yours register their accounts and make purchases you get 40 reward points for each, i.e. 80 on total to be redeemed as ?40. If your friend does the purchasing worth ?2000 then in that case you will get reward of 100 that redeems as ?50. If he purchases anything worth ?5000 you will obtain rewards of 250 to be redeemed as ?125. This means you will acquire 5% reward of anything he buys and this protocol will be followed forever each time your friend buys anything.

There is no limit for number of referrals you do and so you are free to refer as many friends you wish. They will too add reward points of referring their friends in the same manner as you do. So, enjoy purchasing with us!