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Natural Treatment for Over Masturbation to Treat Severe Side Effects

It has been one month I was taking treatment NF Cure, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil for over masturbation, how long does it take time to show its herbal effects, I have history 13 years of hand practice problem, and I am having its severe side effects. Please tell me when will it show its effects.


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1 Answer

Dear Customer,

Welcome to Ayush Remedies, thanks for your query.

As you are facing problem of excessive hand practice for 13 years, natural treatment such as NF Cure, Shilajit capsules, and Mast Mood oil take time to show result.

Cure Side Effects of Hand Practice

over masturbation cure
While taking these pills keep patience and be optimistic. As these pills are herbal in nature so take some time to show result. It does not cause any side effects to health. These pills are 100% pure, GMP certified and chemical free.

This natural treatment for over masturbation treats severe side effects of excessive hand practice. These natural remedies cure problem from root cause and prevent future occurrence.

NF Cure capsules stop nightfall, prevent semen leakage, treat ED and cure PE. These pills heal damaged and fragile organ, boost blood flow, balance hormones and improve reproductive health.

Shilajit capsules make person younger, energetic, beautiful and healthy. It reverses debilities, cures weakness and delays aging.

Mast Mood oil increases length, girth, and size and enhances erection strength naturally. It improves lovemaking pleasure and helps to last longer in bed.

For faster result must follow some tips:

  • Consume fresh and healthy diet such as zinc-rich foods, seasonal fruits, vegetables, salads, and juices
  • Drink plenty of water maximum 3-4 liters per day
  • Take sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours
  • Daily practice yoga, exercise or meditation for 40 minutes per day
  • Listen to light music, read books before sleep
  • Avoid watching adult content
  • Stay away from alcohol, smoke or drinks
  • Indulge yourself in good work
  • Stop bad habit of hand practice

Follow above tips and take this natural treatment on timely manner for 3-4 months regularly or till you get fully satisfied then share your experience with us. Good Luck.

For further queries or any health-related issues please feel free to ask.

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