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Are These Ayurvedic Remedies Safe To Use?

I saw that some people faced side effects of Shilajit. So, I want to know that whether your ayurvedic remedies are safe to use or not.


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1 Answer

Dear customer,

Thanks for the query. The importance of herbs is written in our ancient texts as we all know. These herbs have the capability to treat all types of health issues without causing any type of adverse effects on the health. But it is also important to know that herbs should not be used without having proper knowledge about them as these herbs can become devastator instead of becoming savior if used in more or less quantity. So, it becomes important to know about the proper usage of herbs but not everyone can gain that knowledge. So, keeping in mind this fact we started developing ayurvedic remedies by using this 5000 years old knowledge of Ayurveda to treat the health issues safely.

Many products that come in the market claim to be genuine. But users should do a research about these products before relying on them. They should read the reviews and ingredients of a product before using them to assure themselves. The products made up of shilajit can cause side effects if they are not genuine. But our Shilajit capsules do not cause any type of side effects as they are manufactured using high quality pure processed Shilajit extract. All the herbs used in the making of our ayurvedic remedies are added in right quantity and so the products available with us do not cause any type of adverse effects on health. Also, the proper mixture of herbs can treat a problem in a quick manner. So, all our products are safe to use as they are developed using pure, potent and time tested herbs.

All the products available with us are totally herbal as no chemicals or preservatives are added in their making. All our products are genuine and effective as we have not received any type of complaint regarding the side effects of any of our products till the date. Also, our products can be used for a prolonged period of time. We do not conceal our ingredient list unlike any other allopathic medicines or products so users can have a proper knowledge about the names and ratio of herbs involved in the making of a product. These products do not cause any type of withdrawal effects also. Our ayurvedic remedies such as NF Cure capsules have gained worldwide popularity in treating nightfall related issues. Though our products show slow results but these do not cast any type of side effects on the health unlike other allopathic medicines. So, you can definitely rely on our ayurvedic remedies and give a try to our products without thinking about any type of negative effects.

To discover the world of Ayurveda and treat the health issues naturally please visit this link: https://www.ayushremedies.in

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