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Natural Remedies For Weak Eyesight, Herbal Treatment To Improve Vision

Hello there! I am a 17 years old student from Ahmadabad and have myopia since I was 13. I wear spectacles of power 2.75 D (left eye) and 2.5 D (right eye). These numbers are increasing year by year and I am very concerned about the gradual weakening of my eyesight. I am already sick of wearing spects every time as I am unable to see anything clearly without them. I have already tried many eye drops to improve my eye vision but all in vain. Hence, I would like to try out herbal treatment to improve vision as I have heard that they are 100% safe. I want you to suggest me some natural remedies for weak eyesight that will help lessen my large numbers and even by any slightest of chance treat my poor vision completely. Thank you!


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1 Answer

Nowadays due to rapid technological advancement, we cannot imagine our lives without gadgets. Due to this, cases of weak and unclear eyesight have been increasing day by day. Children especially of your age spend most of their time watching T.V, chatting on phones, playing video games and sitting in front of computer to complete assignments, studies, etc. Long exposure to these devices may lead to exposure to electromagnetic rays which cast adverse effects on our eyes. All these habits plus eating unbalanced food that leads to many nutritional deficiencies further worsen the problem. It is very essential for young people especially for students like you to maintain normal eyesight as they have to face many important examinations in their coming future.

This is where herbal treatment to improve vision comes into play. In order to lessen the problem of poor eyesight, you must consume sufficient amounts of carrots, nuts, dark chocolates, avocadoes, citrus fruits, salmon, eggs, onions, green leafy vegetables, Indian gooseberries and soy that are rich in vitamin-C and vitamin-K good for our eyes. Apart from that try our pure natural remedies for weak eyesight known as I-Lite capsules that will definitely help in improvement of weak eyesight and clarify the blurred vision. These capsules provide safe herbal treatment to improve eye vision and can be consumed by both men and women of any age. I-Lite natural remedies for weak eyesight prevent our eye lens from any free radical damage and help in attaining enhanced vision. These capsules are also helpful in combating myopia after prolonged usage. The color perception is improved along with giving proper nourishment to our eyes.

I-Lite herbal treatment to improve vision consists of powerful herbal ingredients like Haritaki, Shatavari, Amla, Jyotishmati and Bahera that are helpful in improving eye vision as well as immensely decreasing the power of eye lens of your specks. These ayurvedic herbs are packed with all the important vitamins and minerals and hence provide adequate nourishment to eyes.

One should take 1 or 2 I-Lite capsules with milk or plain water two times a day regularly for over 3 to 4 months to improve eyesight up to a large extent.

To know more about this product visit: https://www.ayushremedies.in/product/herbal-treatment-for-weak-eyesight/

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