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Can I Take FitOFat Capsules With NF Cure And Shilajit Capsules?

I am taking NF Cure and Shilajit capsules from past 2 months and now I can say that these capsules have proven to be very effective. Now I want to give a try to FitOFat capsules also to gain some weight. So, I wanted to know that whether I can take FitOFat capsules along with these capsules or not.


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Author Note:
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1 Answer

Dear customer,

Thanks for showing interest in our herbal supplements. All the products available with us are made from herbs only without adding any kind of chemicals so these herbal products can be used with any ongoing treatment whether herbal or allopathic. So, you can definitely take FitOFat capsules along with NF Cure and Shilajit capsules. All the herbal remedies available with us are effective and safe and the same goes with FitOFat capsules. These capsules can help men and women to gain body weight in a natural manner. These herbal weight gainer capsules can also enhance muscle mass effectively. All the hindrances causing problems in gaining weight can be resolved with these capsules. These capsules help a person to gain nutrients and minerals from the foods consumed in a proper amount so as to build body weight naturally.

FitOFat capsules do not increase the weight of fat but convert the deposited and unutilized body fat into muscle mass. This in turn increases the body weight in a healthy manner. These capsules consist of herbs such as Kesar, Jaiphal, Sonth, Vidarikhand, Amla, Chilkamakoy, Ashwagandha, Malkanganj, etc. These herbs altogether provide the body with the required nutrients and enhance digestion process naturally. The enhanced digestion process in turn will help to improve appetite and weight gaining process in an effective manner. A lean and skinny person can easily gain attractive looks with the help of these herbal weight gainer capsules.

FitOFat capsules should also be taken for 3 to 4 months in a regular manner to attain optimum results. Take a healthy diet and practice exercises along with the intake of these capsules to gain weight in a faster manner.

To know more about FitOFat capsules kindly visit here: https://www.ayushremedies.in/product/ayurvedic-herbal-weight-gain-pills/

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