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Natural Pills for Burning Urine Treatment

I am 75 years old. I felt pain and burning during urination. And also frequent urination problem. Please suggest any natural pills.


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1 Answer

Dear Customer,

Thanks for showing interest in our herbal products. You have urinary tract infection (UTI) which is common problem in women. Urinary tract infection also called as bladder infection is a type of infection which mostly occurs in urinary system, kidney, ureters or urethra. Due to this, person feel pain, burning and bleeding during urination and other symptoms like vomiting, fever, nausea and frequent urination urge.

There is one stop and permanent solution for this – UT Clear capsule. UT Clear capsules work wonders to treat urinary tract infection (UTI). These natural pills flush out harmful toxins from body, strengthen immune system, and improve kidney health.


Urinary Tract Infection Natural Treatment

Women have small urethra, so bacteria get easily pass to bladder and cause infection. This problem occurs more in older age women.

UT Clear capsules contain powerful herbs Pather Chur, Taj, Kulthi, Alu Balu, Haubair, Kakadi, Samundar Shokh, Makoy, Sonf, Elaichi Badi, Kali Musli, Kaknaj, Jawakhar etc. which treat problem from root and prevent reoccurrence.

These natural pills give relief from burning urine. These pills remove harmful toxins through kidney and prevent stone formation. Due to certain medication side effects, blood pressure, diabetes harmful toxins get deposited into the kidney and form stone. UT Clear capsules natural kidney detox pills flush out these toxins and prevent formation of stone.

Natural treatment for burning urination keeps body clean, hygienic, and hydrated and infection free. It stops formation of stone and flushes out stones from body.

Please follow some tips:

  • Make habit to drink at least 6-8 glass water it flush out harmful toxins and keep body hydrated
  • Timely pass urine doesn’t hold it for long time it may reduce chance of infection.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol, or sugary product
  • Eat healthy and green leafy vegetable, citrus foods for faster recovery
  • Wash your private area from front to back only once with clean hands it prevents from infection

Direction of use

Take 1-2 UT Clear capsules the best natural treatment for burning urine with plain water after meals. These kidney cleansing pills are herbal, 100%pure, GMP certified and without additives. So do not cause any harm to health. You can continue these pills regularly till 3-4 months or till you are fully satisfied.

You should follow above tips and regularly take natural pills for burning urine without any break and share your experience with us.

For further queries please comment. Good Luck.

To know more about UT Clear capsules, please visit here:


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