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Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Stones Or Pathri

I am looking for an effective ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones or pathri that will help dissolve my recently developed stones. I was diagnosed from 2 kidney stones a week back when I started having pain in my abdominal area. Doctors said that they are very small in size and so prescribed me some medications and suggested to drink ample amount of water as well as other fresh fluids. Can you suggest me some herbal supplements for kidney stones to naturally pass them through urine?


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1 Answer

Thanks for your query Shekhar. Normally, a kidney stone is a solid mass that gets passed away from our body through urine. Kidney stones usually develop larger in size when there is an excess of stone forming substances like uric acid, calcium, oxalate, etc. as compared to the stone inhibiting substances such as citrate, phytate, proteins, etc. in our kidney. As these stones become larger up to 3 millimeters in size, they start imposing problems to our health. They block the ureter and are accompanied by spasms of pain (renal colic), fever, blood or pus during urination, nausea, sweating, urinary urgency, burning sensation during urination, etc. Additional calcium intake, dehydration and genetics play a major role in causing this painful condition.

Patients suffering from kidney stone or pathri are normally advised to drink plenty of water along with drinking fresh fruit juices or soups on a regular basis as it will help keep them hydrated all day long. One must consume sufficient amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits too. Do not drink liquor, smoke or take drugs. Avoid aerated drink and fast foods also. Apart from that our Kid Clear capsules are the best available ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones or pathri. These natural remedies for kidney stones are packed with powerful herbal ingredients such as Kulthi, Pashan Bhed, Bastimoda, Ambihaldi, Patthar Chur,Barna, Javakhar, etc. and do not produce any side effects to our health.

Kid Clear capsules have the ability to break these stones into smaller pieces by shattering the strong bonding forces between the crystals. As a result, the pathri will pass out smoothly in the form of urine without causing pain. This ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones helps getting rid of pathri and shows long-lasting results. Both gall bladder stones and kidney stones can be effectively removed by taking this herbal product for kidney stones. Even for those patients who have already undergone surgery can also consume these natural remedies in order to prevent further development of pathri and keep the kidney cleansed. Take one or two Kid Clear pills with water twice daily regularly for approximately 3 to 4 months and avail stupendous results.

To know more about our ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones, please click this slink below –


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