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Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes, Madhumeha Herbal Remedies

I have diabetes of type 2 since 10 years. Now I am a 42 years old woman and the condition is worsening day by day. It is really getting uncontrollable and so I face serious troubles like indigestion, improper urination, hearing loss, vision problem, numbness on hands and feet and rapid heartbeats. I consulted a doctor and taking his prescribed medicines but I don’t think it will be controlled sooner. My life is miserable. Please suggest me any ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Also advice me madhumeha herbal remedies so that I may try those at home.


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1 Answer

Uncontrollable diabetes is a really serious issue and needs proper ways to handle. First of all, understand the term Diabetes before proceeding for its treatment. Whenever we eat something the sugar adds up in our blood which is taken away by the insulin hormone (released by the beta cells in pancreas) to other body cells for energy production and other utility. If somehow this insulin is not able to get released in sufficient amount as required or the body becomes resistant towards its production the further process cannot be carried and so the sugar keeps on piling into the blood only leading to diabetes.

The most common causes for this condition are having too much sugary treats, lack of physical activity, and family history. The more family members of yours suffer with this condition, chances are you are likely receiving that as well. Other risk factors if getting diabetes, to which scientists couldn’t find reasons till date, that are commonly found in people are – being American-Indian, Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander. These are those people who are much at risk of developing diabetes as compared to whites and Red Indians. Diabetes is silent and many people won’t be able to recognize that they are developing this condition until certain symptoms are recognized such as frequent urination, too much thirst, too much hunger even while eating something, unexplained weight loss, etc. This is the point when a person reaches to doctor for medical help but diabetes cannot be removed completely. Instead, it is managed by following some strict schedule.

If a person does not follow a strict routine the condition worsens over time that is hard to manage. The symptoms like indigestion, improper urination, hearing loss, vision problem, numbness on hands and feet and rapid heartbeats that you are experiencing right now are the results of uncontrolled diabetes. To bring everything back on the track why not take ayurvedic remedy for diabetes so that you get immense benefits along with the madhumeha herbal remedies that you might have or about to start.

Diabgon capsules are the best madhumeha herbal remedies that contain ayurvedic ingredients like Jamun, Methi, Karela, etc. which have natural tendency to control the blood sugar and do not let it go rising uncontrollably. Also, it cures the other related problems as well such as frequent thirst, frequent urination, hearing loss, etc. This ayurvedic remedy for diabetes does not react with other medicines that are prescribed to you and so you are free to take these both kinds of madhumeha herbal remedies. Once your diabetes gets under control you are free to stop this ayurvedic supplement for diabetes anytime you wish and you won’t be experiencing any withdrawal effects either.

Take 1 to 2 pills of Diabgon for twice a day and be regular for at least 3 or 4 months to get noticeable changes.
For additional details, kindly visit- https://www.ayushremedies.in/product/ayurvedic-herbal-treatment-for-diabetes/

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