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Arthritis Ayurvedic Treatment, Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain Relief

I have been suffering from gruesome pain due to osteoarthritis which struck me last year. I also experience great deal of swelling and warm sensation on joints especially on my knees and hips. Can you suggest me one of your natural remedies for arthritis pain relief? I am currently taking allopathic medication and will it be safe to take this arthritis ayurvedic treatment along with it?


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1 Answer

Osteoarthritis is a painful condition that is characterized by excruciating joint pain, swelling and stiffness. It mainly occurs due to reasons such as aging, wear and tear of joints, injuries, physical inactivity and obesity. Such patients usually experience painful sensations and inflammation in neck, wrist, hands, knee, hips and back along with creaking, warmth and swelling. There is a drastic loss in the flexibility and range of movements. Over the course of time, the situation gets even worse resulting in a complete loss of cartilage which causes friction and rubbing of bones over each other. Thankfully for you and rest other such patients, we have launched our all-new arthritis ayurvedic treatment in the form of Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil which will cater to this problem both externally and internally. You can even take this arthritis ayurvedic treatment along with your medications as they are purely comprised of ayurvedic ingredients that are absolutely safe and side-effects free.

Orthoxil Plus capsules are pure natural remedies for arthritis pain relief and swelling. They are packed with powerful herbal ingredients that have potent anti-inflammatory properties. The essential micronutrients heal the joints and relieve joint pain in a natural manner and anti-inflammatory qualities take care of inflammation, stiffness and swelling. It is designed for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and effectively soothes pain in a safe manner without any side-effects. The highly efficient Orthoxil Plus herbal massage oil seeps into the dermal layers and provide external nourishment to the paining joints. Together they form a very useful arthritis ayurvedic treatment that lessens swelling, limping, redness, fatigue, warmth and tenderness of joints.

Ingredients of Orthoxil Plus arthritis ayurvedic treatment:

A special and effective blend of pristine herbs and pure natural ingredients is based by solely following an ayurvedic procedure. The complete list of exotic ayurvedic ingredients is given as below –

Kesar, Rigni, Aloe Vera, Chopchini, Swarna Bang Bhasma, Piplamool, Ashwagandha, Rasna, Godanti Hadtal Bhasma, Suranjan, Guggul, Ramayphal, Naga Bhasma, Asthisanhar

Directions of use:

Take 1 or 2 Orthoxil Plus capsules twice a day, after taking breakfast in the morning and after having dinner at night in a consistent manner.

Take out 10 to 15 drops of Orthoxil Plus oil and gently massage the affected area in circular motion with light hand in the morning and at night regularly.

Follow a disciplined procedure by using these natural remedies for arthritis pain relief for over 3 to 4 months and experience outstanding improvement in your arthritis joint pain and swelling.

For more information, kindly visit – https://www.ayushremedies.in/product/ayurvedic-herbal-remedies-for-arthritis-pain-and-swelling/

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