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Herbal Acid Reflux in Throat Treatment

I have an acid reflux problem. Due to this, I felt burning in upper stomach or sometimes on chest and little discomfort in breathing. I felt like food stuck in the throat if I lie down and this makes some noise in my throat if I open. Because of acidity my tooth also gets affected. Please suggest any permanent solution to cure acidity. Meanwhile, I am planning for the baby so suggest any medicine which does not affect my planning. Can Shatavari be taken?


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1 Answer

Thanks for showing interest in our herbal product. You have acid reflux problem which is quite common nowadays. Stomach makes acid to digest food but when this acid flows back up into food pipe called as the esophagus. This may cause problems like burning sensation in throat or chest while person lie down or taking meals. If this problem occurs more than twice a week it indicates GERD i.e. gastroesophageal reflux disease. Don’t worry and just take herbal acid reflux treatment such as Herbozyme capsules.

Due to disturbance of Vata and Pitta food does not properly digest and may cause problems like indigestion, gas, acidity, constipation etc. Make some changes in lifestyle and take Herbozyme capsules to cure all these heath issues. Herbozyme capsules provide all in one solution to cure heartburn and acidity problems. This herbal acid reflux treatment neutralizes stomach acid and cures burning sensation problem in throat and chest naturally. It treats irregular breathing problem due to acidity.
natural treatment for acid reflux

Acid Reflux Burning Throat Relief

Herbozyme capsules contain powerful ingredients such as Hing, Pudina, Ajwain, Madhur Kshar, Satt Pudina etc. which are mixed in right proportion under the guidance of health experts. It eases symptoms like acid reflux, heartburn, burping, gas, bloating, nausea etc. without causing any side effects to body.

Must follow these tips:

  • Try to avoid taking spicy or oily foods
  • Do not sleep after eating food till 2 hours
  • Avoid citrus fruits, alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea that trigger acid reflux
  • Reduce weight if obese
  • Quit smoking habit
  • Wear loose clothes or belt
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Daily go for walk or do meditation or exercise

Direction of Use

Take 1-2 Herbozyme the best herbal acid reflux treatment twice a day with plain water after meals. These natural pills cure burning sensation in throat and chest naturally. It treats stomach pain, irritation, inflammation and boosts immunity power in body. It enhances metabolism and boosts overall health naturally.

These pills are safe, pure, 100% natural and GMP certified so you can easily plan your baby.

Please follow this course up to 3-4 months, if severe case 4-6 months or till you are satisfied without break. Always stay calm, cool and live healthy life. For further queries please comment and share your experience too.

To know more about Herbozyme capsules please visit here:

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